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Revenue & Metrics Tracker

Tracking your money and metrics doesn’t have to be complicated. Get a high-level snapshot of your numbers, what’s working, and what’s not. 

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The DIY Website Copywriting Roadmap

A step-by-step copywriting roadmap that will take you from strategy to execution in the right order.

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Homepage Copywriting Template

Write your website’s homepage with header to footer copy and design breakdowns. Google doc and visual outline included! 

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SEO for Copywriting Checklist

Appear on page one of Google with best practices and essential SEO tools that will help you get found while still sounding human. 

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Brand Personality Workbook

Determine your brand personality with seven easy exercises you can complete under 10 minutes.

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Brand Voice Chart

Chart your desired brand voice and figure out how it comes through your content, IRL. 

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Brand Strategy

5-Day Brand Strategy Challenge

I’ll slide into your inbox each morning with a 2-minute video breaking down one of your five must-have brand strategy essentials.

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Brand Strategy

Audience Research Checklist

Uncover the wants, needs, and WORDS your audience uses (and your copy needs) by finding the breadcrumbs your readers are leaving for you all over the internet.

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Brand Strategy

The 4 Buyer Types Checklist & Cheat Sheet

Sweep your copy to attract and convert the four types of buyers based on their unique buying psychology.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Refresh Checklist

Whether you’re zshushing it up or tearing it down, get clear on your website refresh goals and action items for a smooth transition.

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100+ CTA Examples Cheatsheet

The ultimate CTA swipe file for your copy bank. Pull this up while you write your website copy, sales pages, and more.

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The Complete A-Z Course (with mastermind!) for service-based DIYers who want to write or rewrite your website copy under the wing of a six-figure professional copywriter.

The Copywriting
Cohort Course

Blog Favorites

How To Write Your Brand Story

“How do I write my brand story” is the question with off-the-charts responses. 

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100+ Power Words To Boost Conversion

What are Power Words? A single word can hold a lot of meaning.

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How To Write A High-Converting Services Page

Imagine this: I’m your dream client and I’ve just landed on your homepage.

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BP Bookshelf

As a former book publishing professional, I’d be remiss not to share the books that have fueled my journey as a creative business owner.

Bookshop.org is "preserving the profound cultural benefits of bookstores even when
readers prefer the convenience of online shopping."

Your purchase is sourced from a local indie bookseller near you and profits go back into the literary community...not a super yacht.

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