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Elevate your brand messaging and get the website copy to match.

Grow and scale your business with story-driven brand messaging, website copywriting, and email marketing that converts.


 They need a serious update.

You’re not the new kid on the block anymore.

Brand strategy & copywriting for creative Entrepreneurs

In fact, you’re kind of a veteran when it comes to dodging the slings and arrows entrepreneurship has thrown your way. As you've grown, your offers have evolved, your audience has shifted, you’ve tested, pivoted, and through it all, you still deeply believe in the impact your work has on others. But your website words?

Leave it to me to craft SEO-enriched copy that converts browsers into buyers and gives you peace of mind knowing your words are doing the selling for you.

copy that converts

Next, we'll update your brand story, refine your voice, and develop a messaging framework that primes your audience for your offerings. (While remaining true to your purpose.)

Masterful MessaGing PLAN

No guesswork here. We'll use my Brand Blueprint process to get clear on who you're *really* talking to and the best strategy to help you stand out and sell more.

Research-Backed Strategy

Here’s your solution:

"I wanted to rebrand for AGES. I got my time back and I finally got that 'finished feeling' I'd been searching for. I didn't have to spend time giving lots of edits or feedback because you listened and you nailed the copywriting every time."

CEO & Founder of The Connection

Amy Geach

I finally got that “finished feeling” I’d been searching for.


...they invest in you!

People don’t just invest in products and services

copywriting is an art + Science

But sometimes you need help articulating your "big picture" so you can artfully pull the right levers that attract the right audience for your business. 

Ready to learn how?

Gone are the days when your work spoke for itself. You need killer copy that converts, because if your website isn’t attracting eyeballs, someone else’s is. 

The bar for succeeding as a business owner gets higher every year.

Fact: In 2021 the number of new business applications reached 5.4 million.

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I've got a stellar crew of designers and developers on standby.

Brand Strategy & Website Copywriting



My two-week process for refining your brand messaging and translating it into refreshed website copy that keeps you booked and busy year-round.

Looking for a dream team?

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Get inside your audience’s heads with better brand messaging. Dial in your brand story, audience personas, marketing messaging, brand voice, pillars, and more in this 4-day brand intensive. 

Brand Discovery


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Get a handle on your email marketing goals and let me write your sequences so they can run (and generate revenue) on auto while you focus on scaling the rest of your biz.

Email Marketing


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Not ready for custom? Grab my BP-approved templates designed to help you do the dang thing when you've got champagne taste but a boxed-wine budget.

Template Shop


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Misty Molloy, Founder of CoCreative Interiors

“Capturing the right tone had a domino effect...”

...ultimately saving me time by reducing the number of leads who are not a good fit and better prepping those who are a good fit to walk through my sales process.

“I would have never arranged my copy so well without Courtney’s talent.”

To stand out in the business crowd, great copywriting is mandatory. I would have never arranged my copy so well without Courtney's talent for taking a person's words and making them shine in an online world.

Barbara de la Torre, Founder of Third Opinion MD

The strategy and copywriting were critical to nailing down my voice, my process, and my overall business approach. I had A LOT in my brain and Courtney masterfully synthesized it and put the "best of me" in the copy. I was blown away by the result.

“Courtney took my vision and created something better than I even imagined.”

Bryn Panee Burkhart, Founder of BRIGHT Evolution

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I'm a publishing & media professional turned tech marketer with a literal master's degree in selling stories. (NYU M.S. Print & Digital Media, baby!)

I started Big Picture Copywriting because I wanted to combine the purpose-driven spirit of the book publishing world (my past life) with the data-informed reality we live in. My clients are proof that you can grow a profitable businesses that doesn't shy away from having a personality or a big picture purpose.

I’m Courtney Fanning.

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Let’s write your website, sales page, emails, and more.

Go from to-do to Done


Determine your brand's personality with seven easy exercises you can do in under 10-minutes.

Get The Brand Personality Workbook

Aaaaaand, go!
...or do it yourself!

An easy-to-follow framework to use when refreshing your brand identity and messaging.

Brand Refresh Checklist

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The essential best-practices to check off the list before hitting publish on your blog posts, websites, and media content.

SEO for Copywriting Checklist


Write your homepage copy from header to footer with this easy-to-follow Google doc template + visual wireframe.

Homepage Copy Template

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Dead simple prompt-filled templates and guides to get the job done when hiring a 4-fig copywriter just isn't in the cards.

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(I got you, babe.)
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Learn to dive three levels deep into how your audience thinks so you can write compelling messaging like nobody else.

The Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook

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8 Must-Have      Resources You Need to DIY Your Copy.

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The bi-weekly newsletter serving up templates, tutorials, and actionable copy tips to help you serve and sell with your words.  

“Letters from Your Editor”

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