You’ve heard you need to write what your audience is thinking…but how do you actually do that?

Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook

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  • Psychology-Based, Prep-Work Prompts For Getting Inside Your Clients’ Heads

  • Audience Persona Builder Templates (Google Doc)

  • Audience Persona Solution Templates (Google Doc)

  • Pre-Filled Example Templates With Annotations

  • “Next Step” Explainers for applying your copy pulls to your website, sales pages, marketing and more. 

  • Printable Client Messaging Summary Sheet​

  • RESOURCE SWIPES: 7 Psychological Hacks For Exceptional Sales Messaging

  • 3 Ways To Generate Interest In Your Offer

  • 8 Easy And Free Ways To Eavesdrop On Your Audience To Uncover Their Problems

  • PAS+ Sales Copy Formula

  • How To Position And Differentiate Your Brand In One(ish) Paragraph

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And how do you make it sound interesting and not repeat the same talking points as everyone else?

The truth is, most people really aren’t digging that deep into their audience's psyche—and that’s where you have the opportunity to stand out. 

The Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook shows you how to dive three levels deep into your audience’s psychology so you can write compelling messaging that gets at their core and speaks to their problems in a way that no one else does.

Use your Persona Builder to “flip the script” and turn your brand messaging pillars into stellar copy pulls for your website, sales pages, emails, product descriptions, social media captions, and more.​


The Complete A-Z Course (with mastermind!) for service-based DIYers who want to write or rewrite your website copy under the wing of a six-figure professional copywriter.

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