People don’t buy products and services—they buy YOU. Time to polish your brand story and assemble an About page that connects and nurtures the “yes”. 

Your talent, qualifications, and perspective matter—but you’ve gotta position yourself as the guide, with a unique set of tools, that will enhance your future client’s life, boost their business, or take things off their plate.

Sum up your story in a client-focused way and learn how to highlight your unique selling points with the BP nine-part About Page framework

Plus, with the About Page Primer, you’ll gather relevant personal information and workshop your story so when it’s time to put the proverbial pen to paper, you’ll know which talking points raise your perceived value, connect your perspective and experiences with your audience's needs, and show off your credentials without feeling braggy or boring.

About Page Template

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  • About Page Copy Template (accessible in Wordand Google Docs)

  • 9-Part About Page Skeleton Framework

  • The Copy Sweeps Editing Checklist

  • BP About Page Primer 

  • $50 OFF a 1:1 Copy Tune-Up + Editing with Courtney (your future Editor-in-Chief)

Over-The-Shoulder Video Tutorial
  • 15-minute tutorial, (closed captions, transcription included)
  • Section-by-section walk-through
  • Example copywriting for reference
  • BP Client Case Study Examples
  • Copy X Design Tips (a.k.a. How to “design” your copy so it’s eye-catching and readable on a screen.)

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Develop a brand story that sells.

Brand Strategy MEGA Questionnaire + Trello Planner

Audience Discovery Workbook


Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook




The Complete A-Z Course (with mastermind!) for service-based DIYers who want to write or rewrite your website copy under the wing of a six-figure professional copywriter.

The Copywriting
Cohort Course