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Done For You Copywriting

Feeling stuck? LEMME GUESS...

You’re idea rich and time poor, right?

You want a website that really sings to your ideal client so you can make the kind of impact you're dreaming of but...

**Rubs hands together**
Prep your Bialetti moka pot and step into my office...

You're just not getting anywhere. You need some sort of big picture plan to make all the pieces fit together. You've been doing this on your own but you're ready for someone to bring the strategy and ideas to YOU.

Try these on for size:

Brand Clarity

Let me be your guide as we excavate and organize all your thoughts and ideas so you know how to use your story and purpose to hit those sales goals.

High-Value Copy Conversions

Bank copy that confidently positions your brand and conveys the value of your offers so the right people come knocking and are ready to invest.

Storyful Memorability-Factor

Online business world lookin' a little same-same to you? Yeah, we're not about that life. Masterfully package up and present your differentiation traits to stand out from the pack.

Start the process

I do things a little differently around here...

Let me handle the copywriting so you can spend your day in your zone of genius.

You're speaking my language, let's go!

Kind Words

Courtney is the Ferrari of copywriters.

— Sean Webster, CEO of Mac N' Cheese Media

The copywriting was far beyond our capabilities and her dedication to nail our tone properly really made working with her worth every penny.

Put these on my grave...!

Courtney is a magician!


It is so important for my clients to understand my process, how I work, and my values. I now have that beautifully written, and it sounds like me.

I'm blushing...

Courtney is extraordinarily talented at her craft and I am grateful to have had her as my brand strategist!


The honor is mine!

Courtney’s work helped us stand out from other players in the space.


Working with Courtney transformed our idea into a sophisticated brand. She helped bring personality and a user-centric approach to our otherwise corporate brand.

Team work makes the dream work!

You’re ready for the BP treatment if...

"Rewrite copy" has been on your to-do list for more than a year...

You've got tried and tested service offerings you're ready to amplify.

You're ready to put your stake in the ground and own your messaging.

You're done trying to *do it all* and ready to do it *smarter*.

You're ready to level-up and play in the same arena as your heroes.


I live in the space between dreamy literati and investigative reporter.

I'm determined to get to the bottom of things. I can navigate an analytics dashboard like nobody's business and heatmaps give me technicolor dreams.

But I adore sorting through survey results and competitor research just as much as I love sitting down with my clients over a freshly brewed iced coffee to understand their magic.  

I'm saving creatives time, money, and frustration one Oxford comma at a time.

I love strategy but I’m driven by the connection only good storytelling can create.


“Receiving third-party insight into how to deliver that story in a compelling manner has been invaluable to our growth!”

“It was such a relief to work with someone who immediately understood my business and vision so I could just focus on building my product and community.”


“Courtney was able to see through the noise and pull out what is, in fact, the essence of Vamonos.”

suzanne roske, Founder of vamonos coaching

Client Reviews

I couldn't have made my website as friendly, clear-focused and personalized without the copywriting. This is WAY out of my wheelhouse, so having a facelift of my website would have not only taken me forever, but wouldn't have gone smoothly."

Primelife Nutrition


“I was nervous about making the investment, but I don’t regret it for a second and it was worth every penny.


Brand Strategy & Website Copywriting

Let me articulate your brand story, refine your messaging strategy, and craft powerful copy that converts.

timeline: 2 weeks—SERIOUSLY!

Need a designer or a brand photographer? I've got the hook up. Let's talk.

When it's too hard to see the forest from the trees, it's time to call an audible on doing it all yourself. Skip those weeks (months?) of analysis paralysis and let me deep-dive into your messaging and copy.

Whether you're looking to refresh, rewrite, or start from scratch, we’ll create audience personas, collect voice-of-customer data, outline site goals, page goals, keywords/metadata, CTAs, and lead-generating opt-ins. I'll roll my research into SEO-rich website copy written for humans first, and Google second.

I'll handle the heavy lifting and user testing while keeping you in the loop with collaborative docs and Loom video check-ins. I work with ONE full website copy client at a time so you can be sure you're my #1 priority. Once we've crossed our Ts and dotted our Is, your designer-friendly docs will be ready for you to hand over to your web guru to implement.

seo-rich website copy (5-7 pages)

Investment: from $6,600 (payment plans available)

Brand Strategy Blueprint


brand voice, Tone, & Personality

brand archetypes

brand pillars (your 5Ps)


USer Testing & interviews

Audience Survey


Brand Discovery

A brand strategy intensive to help you dial in your brand and your messaging.

The Brand Discovery process is a 1:1 brain excavation that gets everything out of your head and onto the page. We'll build a messaging framework that defines your audience and communicates who you are, how you’re different, and what you have to offer. 

This service is a launch pad for DIY copywriters and early-stage business owners. If you get stuck in your own mind drama, or simply have no idea where to begin, START HERE.  

The Brand Discovery is a collaborative exploration but I’ll handle the foundational wordsmithing and document it all inside your custom Brand Strategy Blueprint.

Let's chat

Timeline: 4 days

Investment: $2,350 (payment plans available)

Brand Strategy Blueprint


brand voice, Tone, & Personality

brand archetypes

brand pillars (your 5Ps)


Audience survey template

diy copywriting roadmap

Email Marketing VIP Week

Get clear on your email marketing goals, opt-in, and newsletter content strategy, and let me knock out one of your email sequences.

You know email marketing has the highest ROI compared to any other marketing activity ($41 for every dollar spent, to be precise) but you need someone to help you kick it into high gear. I’ll not only help you figure out the best email strategy for your business, I’ll (re)write your lead-gen and nurture sequences so they can run on auto while you focus on serving your people.

Let's chat

All email sequence options can be customized to meet your needs.

• Welcome Sequence
• Client Onboarding Sequence
• Mini Launch Sequence
• Promo Sequence
• Something Else Amazing

choose one:

Brand Voice Asessment

timeline: 4 days

Investment: $3,000 (payment plans available)

Email Marketing Strategy & Outline

Lead Magnet Strategy & Outline

Copywritten Email Sequence (3-5 emails)

Newsletter Content pillars & Template Outline


Copy Tune-Up + Editing

Okay, so you're doing this thing. (Yes, champ!) You've got the hutzpah to take a templated framework and adapt it for your needs...but, dang, it would be nice to have someone check your work. You've got a couple of questions (or 20) and wish someone could help you figure out a better way to say what you're trying to get across in paragraph three...send me your docs and let's hop on Zoom to hash it out. Ideal for website copy, email copy, landing pages, short and long-form sales pages.

Perfect for the DIY-er on a budget. Button up your copy with my copy edits or get a diagnosis on what's not working—and how to fix it!

Book Your audit

I got you, babe!

Investment: $350


2-weeks of email support

Timeline: 1 day

POST-MORTEM notes + Action plan

copy Audit + Diagnosis (one site, one sales page, or one email sequence)

1:1 walkthrough + Copyedits

20% off BP Shop or 10% off future services


“The strategy and copywriting process really helped us zero in on what we were trying to say to our audience.”

The process was great because it forced us to organize our thoughts in a cohesive manner. 

“I’m still implementing all the things she’s provided!”

I can easily pull keywords and phrases from my brand deck and apply them to all my other assets, like my social posts and email newsletters.


I had been stuck, going round and round in circles for 18 months and couldn't narrow down what copy to include on the homepage, about page, or identify a path through the website I wanted people to follow. I was frustrated and overwhelmed! I am overjoyed with the result of the 2 weeks working with Courtney - and only wish I had got help sooner.

“I wish I’d got help sooner...”


Client Reviews

The BP Promise

The Purpose-Driven Difference

Along the way, I’ve witnessed “the little guy” make it big by using their purpose to fuel their messaging and drive clicks, consults, and “save my credit card details" for future purchases. No gimmicks or sleazy sales tactics necessary.

Your biggest differentiator is your ‘why’.

I cut my chops in the corporate world working with brands in the tech, nonprofit, education, publishing, wellness and beauty arenas including The New Yorker, Elizabeth Arden, Stash Tea, and more New York Times Bestselling authors than I can count.

Let me help you articulate yours →


Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely, I do. Typically you’ll submit a 50% deposit to secure your slot on my calendar and then you’ll pay the rest at the end of the project. Depending on how far in advance you book, I can offer monthly payment installments or payment in the beginning, middle, and end of the engagement. TL;DR, if you want to work with me, we’ll find a way to make it fit your budget!

How far in advance do you book out?

Depends on the season, but I’m usually booking new projects 4-6 weeks out. If you need a rush job, I often have small windows of time reserved where I can fit you in—fill out the contact form above to start the conversation.

Should I work with you or a designer first?

Start here. Copy dictates design, even your brand colors and logo. Designers will often (more like, always) take the brand strategy blueprint I craft for your business and use it to inform their work. I bake research and strategy into every project, and if you start with design, you may end up with messaging and visuals that aren’t aligned and have to go back to your designer to redo their work. If you’re a service provider (in particular) your copywriting has a higher return on investment in the beginning. (Trust me, I work with several brand designers who much prefer for you to get your brand and messaging sorted first, and then come to them with brand clarity and enthusiasm!)

Can you recommend any designers or photographers?

Heck yes, I can. I have a rolodex full of creative service providers I have used or partnered with on client work I’m dying for you to meet. I’ll play matchmaker and recommend the best-fit people to help you grow your business: Designers, developers, OBMs, bookkeepers, brand photographers, Pinterest managers, you name it. Just tell me what you need.

Can you put together a custom offer for me?

If you’re looking for something a little different from the offers on my Services Page, and you’re digging my vibe, I’d love to talk about putting together a bespoke proposal that meets your every need. It’s worth noting that I don’t cut corners, though. I rarely skip the strategy phase of a project—even if you’ve worked with a designer or agency who took you through their own strategy process. Messaging and copywriting strategy is different from visual, social, PR, and comms strategies. Let’s talk it out and see how we can get you what you need.

Do you prefer Showit, Squarespace, Wordpress or another website builder?

When it comes to your copy, the platform doesn’t matter. I have a personal affinity for Showit and Tonic Site Shop templates (get 15% off with code BIGPICTURE), but I have written words used on just about every platform. However, it’s good for me to know which website (or email!) platform you’ll be using and whether you’ll be using a designer, a template design, or DIY-ing fully so I can format the page in a way that compliments the platform. For example, some platforms make adding in microcopy and other way-finding UX difficult without custom code. But trust me, if you’re planning to transfer your copy to a piece of paper and then photograph it, your messaging will resonate, no matter the medium!

I already filled out a branding questionnaire with a designer/coach/other contractor. Can we skip the brand strategy part of our work together?

No, we cannot. Here’s why: A designer is focused on translating your brand visually. A coach or consultant is focused on aligning your brand with their specific services. They might ask some of the same questions but their angle does not take you where you need to go to produce the right words and phrases for your business. As your copywriter, I’m focused on creating a *messaging strategy*. My strategy process isn’t the same as theirs. While I encourage you to share any strategy work you’ve done prior to our project, I must go through my signature brand strategy process. (For the record, the Brand Strategy Blueprint deck is the #1 most shared client deliverable. My clients end up sharing it with their teams and all future contractors because it contains the copy swipes, brand story, and positioning you need to market your products and services. Marketing is, after all, 99% words, words, words.)

Once I submit Your Contact form, what will happen next?

You are thorough and I love that about you. After you select your preferred time on the calendar and submit the form you will receive a confirmation email with your Zoom meeting link. Around 12 hours before our meeting you’ll receive a reminder email. After our conversation, if we’re both madly in love with each other, I’ll send you a project proposal reiterating everything we talked about and walking you through the timeline, process, deliverables, and budget for you to review and approve. Once the contract is signed and your deposit received, we’ll lock in your kickoff meeting time, and you’ll receive your onboarding materials including any pre-work questionnaires and a place to submit any existing testimonials, research, etc. I use Dubsado and Google Drive to automate and house all communications and documents so nothing gets lost and everything is easily accessible to everyone.


Grab my BP-approved templates designed to help you do the dang thing when you can't swing 4-figs for a professional copywriter.

No shame in the DIY game.

10 Must-Have      Resources You Need to DIY Your Copy.

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8 Must-Have      Resources You Need to DIY Your Copy.

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The bi-weekly newsletter serving up templates, tutorials, and actionable copy tips to help you serve and sell with your words.  

“Letters from Your Editor”

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