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I hereby release you from the cognitive load of figuring out the perfect words by anteing up my 15+ years of experience crafting copy for founders, startups, and growing businesses.

The Backstory...

(Oh, those were the days.)

Once upon a time, after receiving my M.S. in Print and Digital media from NYU (a master's degree in selling stories) and flitting around the high-rise offices of The New Yorker, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan Publishers, I said goodbye to the world of creative marketing campaigns and hello to the data-driven world of tech marketing, where clicks and conversions are queen. 

To say it was a rude awakening would be an understatement. I was the resident creative used to building worlds through voice, storytelling, and organic reach Facebook campaigns.

welcome to MY CORNER OF THE INTERNET, Where your "why" matters.

Suddenly my ideas and words were countered with a whole lot of “why?”

But data without empathy can only take you so far…

...Why should our hero header say this?
...What is the data behind this decision?
...Can you show me the research on this?

I was thrust into a world of UX copywriting, analytics, heatmaps, user testing, and coming to terms with the fact that marketing was experiencing a dramatic shift into a trackable data-driven realm. 

Resume & Partnerships Experience


Big Picture Copywriting was founded to combine the purpose-driven spirit of the publishing world with the data-informed reality we live in.

I help founders with conversion copywriting services that get results by staying human.

Using a combination of industry research, behavioral psychology, voice-of-customer data, and emotional marketing, I capture your prospect's attention so you can generate more revenue and confidently scale your business.

I’m a huge advocate of holistic branding—it’s not just words we’re after. Your copy design, brand imagery, photography, client and customer experience all need to work in beautiful harmony to create the kind of impact that gives you the edge over your competitors. 

When you work with me, you don’t just get a copywriter. You get a Marketing Director with a bit of a quirk and a wicked sense of humor—but who’s serious about ROI.

See also:
• book nerd
• brand strategist
• copywriter
• Ravenclaw
• retired professional ballerina
• dreams of being stuck in an Edwardian-era novel.

I do things



I take my 15+ years of training to task with a more academic approach than most—I perform surveys, interviews, and intensive research before writing a single word.


Empathy and storytelling matters most. I write for humans first, and enrich your copy with SEO best-practices second.


I’m niche agnostic and a brand voice chameleon. My diverse portfolio means you’ll never sound like anyone else on my client roster.


I'm communications obsessed, a stickler for timelines, and always perfecting my process for the ultimate client experience.

a little bit


I’m committed to continuing education—when I’m not learning about new industry trends, and deepening my knowledge as a copywriter, I’m a magpie for new information, books, podcasts, and courses.




American Copy Editors Society (ACES) Certified Editor


M.S. in Print & Digital Media from NYU and B.A in English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing.


Selected to attend the Abu Dhabi International Book Festival as a graduate research ambassador.

Cut my chops

Worked for two of NYC’s “Big 5” publishing houses as well as The New Yorker Magazine.

Byline history

Writing professionally since 2008.

Client stats

Worked with 100+ small businesses and brands.

Favorite writers

Zadie Smith, Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood, Anthony Doerr...don't make me choose!

Causes I care about

Refugee Mentor with Dorcas International Institute of RI.

Proudest professional moment

Successfully advocated for the institution a parental leave policy at a tech company.

Proudest personal moment

Watching my daughters explore the world with infinite curiosity.

Elevated Messaging

BP has written



Brand Designers

Interior Designers


Jewelry Artisans





Real Estate Agencies

Digital Marketers

Mental Health Professionals

Nonprofits Orgs

Physical Therapists

Home Organizers

Social Justice Orgs

B2B Agencies

Fractional HR Professionals

Healthcare Providers

Financial Services


Creative Entrepreneurs

Staffing Agencies

Executive/Leadership Coaches

...and many, many more.

Let’s make
“someday” today.


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8 Must-Have      Resources You Need to DIY Your Copy.

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The bi-weekly newsletter serving up templates, tutorials, and actionable copy tips to help you serve and sell with your words.  

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