Transform Your Lackluster Homepage Into A Lead-Generating Workhorse With A Waitlist.

Homepage Hero Website Copy Template

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  • Homepage Copy Template (accessible in Word or Google Docs)

  • Homepage Skeleton Framework

  • Over-The-Shoulder Video Tutorial (~20 min Watch Time, Timestamped, Closed Captions, Transcription Included)

  • The Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Masterclass Recording (~20 min study time, includes my Brand Voice Lightning Lesson)

  • The 4 Types of Buyer’s Cheatsheet and Checklist

  • The Copy Sweeps Editing Checklist

  • The BP Brand Voice Chart & Worksheets

  • Big Picture DIY Copywriting Resource Index (All the BP freebies and resources linked and organized by copy needs.)

  • $50 OFF a 1:1 Copy Audit + Power Hour with Courtney (your future Editor-in-Chief)

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Okay, so you scooped up a freebie homepage copy template and it’s fine

But deep down you know the buying psychology running through your ideal client’s head when they’re looking to invest in a high-ticket service is drastically different than when they’re looking to purchase a tube of lipstick.

Your freebie is a starting point but there’s So.Much.More you need to be doing to optimize your homepage for 4-5 figure service-seeking ideal clients.

You’re ready for an upgraded copywriting template designed for service-based businesses to attract and convert each of the “The Four Buyer Types”. 

→ Plus all the prep materials and video tutorials you need to get your ducks in a row and get the job done. 
The Hompage Hero Template Suite takes you from header to footer with easy-to-follow copy and header prompts so you know what to write, in the right order, for sky-high conversions.

Brand Strategy MEGA Questionnaire + Trello Planner

Audience Discovery Workbook


Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook




The Complete A-Z Course (with mastermind!) for service-based DIYers who want to write or rewrite your website copy under the wing of a six-figure professional copywriter.

The Copywriting
Cohort Course