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The 4 Buyer Types Checklist & Cheat Sheet

Sweep your copy to attract and convert the four types of buyers based on their unique buying psychology.

It's brain science!

Understand the cues each type of buyer is looking for as they scroll the page so you can start to layer in compelling copywriting that appeals to each type’s buying triggers. 

Buyer Types checklist

Learn about "copy sweeps" and how you can identify areas of opportunity that can help you engage more eyeballs and increase your sales. 

Copy Sweeps Methodology

Profile your entire audience and identifying how your warmed-up leads like to be sold to based on their internal buying psychology.

4 buyer Type Profiles

Here’s what you'll learn:

I'm a publishing & media professional turned tech marketer with a literal master's degree in selling stories. (NYU M.S. Print & Digital Media, baby!)

I started Big Picture Branding because I wanted to combine the purpose-driven spirit of the book publishing world (my past life) with the data-informed reality we live in. My clients are proof that you can grow a profitable businesses that doesn't shy away from having a personality or a big picture purpose.

I’m Courtney Fanning.

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