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I’m Courtney Fanning the copywriting and brand strategy brains behind Big Picture. I use my literal master’s in selling stories to help 1:1 clients and DIY students write purpose-driven copy that sells and scales. 

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Written by Courtney
Copywriting & brand strategy brains behind Big Picture.

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The online marketing space is shifting at warp speed. As an online business owner, you might be wondering where to lock your focus. Should you adapt your strategy to compete with AI-generated content or Google’s ever-changing algorithm? Are Facebook ads officially inaccessible for smaller businesses with smaller budgets? Is the online course eco-system over-saturated?

Where things land is often out of our control, but one thing you will always need as a business owner is solid brand messaging that makes you stand out and copywriting that sells.

Here are the latest copywriting and content trends and predictions to watch if you’re an online business owner.

Hyper-Specific Niches

The online world is noisy, blah, blah, blah…I know you’ve heard it before. But if we’ve learned one thing from TikTok it’s that memorable creators stand out and find their people because they have a thing and they stick to it. The performances/schticks, personalities, words, phrases, they signal your brand’s vibe and invite people who like your thing to follow you. This thing is often very specific.

For example, no one will remember that business coach for ambitious creatives, but everyone sure as heck will remember the business coach from California who does those “boardwalk talks” on Insta, loves pugs, and bubble tea.

(Wanna know what your thing is? You’ll find it in the bestselling Brand Strategy MEGA Questionnaire + Trello Template)

Newsletters + Hyper-Personalization

I’m getting all hyper on you but for good reason. When your readers feel like a nameless subscriber, there’s no accountability and no incentive to take action. Newsletters DONE RIGHT still feel extremely personal. Like getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Done wrong, they give off “funnel bro” vibes and you just know you’ve got T-3 emails before an invisible hand reaches through your screen, grasping for your wallet. Personalized emails are about more than using the [CNAME] shortcode—it’s about your voice, tone, content, and setting up your overall email marketing system to deliver personalized offers and outreach.

FWIW, I’m OBSESSED with email sequences and am running 10 different sequences at any given time. If you’ve got (or want) a quiz, sell products, offer freebie opt-ins, or are planning to launch a course or program, you need a newsletter plan, content pillars, and probably a few automated sequences so every subscriber receives a personalized experience any time they interact with your business and offers.

(Looking for someone to shape your email marketing strategy and write your email sequences? Now booking Email Marketing VIP Weeks!)

Multichannel Copy

This is a fancy way to say copy that can be repurposed across a bunch of different mediums like your website, social, podcast intros, PR pitches, ads, brochures, etc.

(Reverse-engineer your repurpose-able key brand messaging pillars with the Audience Persona & Brand Messaging Workbook)

Purpose-Driven Copy

This isn’t about saving the whales, it’s about using your copy to align yourself with others who share your vibe, values, interests, and worldviews. Right now a potential client just read your copy and then toggled over to a competitor’s site and compared your words to theirs. What are they looking for? Something to connect with. Something that signals where they belong. Copy that only scratches the surface isn’t going to cut it anymore.

(Every BP DIY copywriting template comes with a video tutorial masterclass, worksheets, and copy starter prompts to help you get inside your audience’s head—which is where the good copy lives. Orrrr, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of DIYing, hand the job to me! Here’s how we can work together.)


Wait, what? Okay, so this might be a subtle dig at the proliferation of sad-beige websites out there, but I mean it when I say neutral isn’t a personality. We want COLOR. Colorful personalities. Colorful perspectives. Real, voice-driven copy that sounds like human beings instead of carefully manufactured Editorial Cool Girls™️. I love a vibe, but more business owners are going to lean inward and feel more comfortable expressing themselves as they are because THAT’S what stands out.

Which copywriting and content trends will last?

Copywriting trends can quickly take a hard right turn when tech advances (hello, AI!), and changes in consumer behavior can be a reaction to world events and markets out of our control. As a business owner it’s important to be aware of the trends, but focus on building a solid messaging foundation that can weather any storm. When in doubt, take note of the big brands (Nike, LLBean, Patagonia) who shift their marketing and sales tactics frequently, but have never changed their core messaging or essence of who they are. 

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