Your customers EXPERIENCE PEAK BRAND SATISFACTION immediately after hitting your ‘Buy Button’. So why aren’t you turning more converted customers into repeat buyers? 

Post-Purchase Email Sequence Templates

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  • Email #1 Purchase Delivery & Cross-Selling Hero

  • Email #2 Feedback Finder

  • Email #3 Last Chance Love Note

  • Subject Line Suggestions

  • Quickie Brand Voice Primer

  • Footer And Return Policy Language

  • Cross-Sell Imagery Ideas

Refund Policy

E-commerce stats show that businesses using a post-purchase email sequence boost sales by 20-30% on average.

The post-purchase email sequence (PPES) is your opportunity to maximize sales from the customers already in your court without increasing your ad spend or fretting over another social media post.

Your PPES is also the easiest way to ask for reviews and collect valuable social-proof testimonials you can use to raise your shop’s trust factor.   

​Keep it breezy, with fill-in-the-blank and simple copy prompts so you can customize your emails with minimal effort all while still sounding like you.

Just load them into your email automation software and let them work their sales-boosting magic!

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