Brand Discovery How It Works


Building a brand is a collaborative process that is anything but cookie-cutter. I engage in a continual feedback loop to ensure every facet of your brand is perfectly aligned with your business goals. Weekly check-ins ensure a pitch perfect outcome (but I don’t mind hitting up the chat box more often than that!)


01. Strategy Session

We’ll work one-on-one to explore your business goals, the market, your competitors, audience and your true-to-you brand personality.

02. Audience personas

In order to figure out what to say to your audience, we’ll get to the bottom of their story by outlining their “villain”, internal, external, and philosophical problems, and how you can frame what you do as the solution to their problems.


03. Brand Voice and Messaging

We’ll articulate your brand tone and voice and put together messaging that supports your vibe and vision. Ready-to-use headlines, taglines, and a brand word bank will give you the foundation for your website, marketing, social media, PR and beyond.

Not sure about your name? I’ll go through the naming process with you and present my Top 3 options, vetted and checked for trademark and domain availability.


04. Big picture Brand Blueprint

I’ll compile everything into your tailor-made Big Picture Brand Blueprint for you to return to as your business grows, as you add products and resources, and when you need to write more copy!

(P.S. Copywriting not really your strong suit? Check out my Brand Story + Website Copy package!)