work with me intro copy



Your ideal client just landed on your page. (Woop, woop!)

Take them from “this might work” to “this is it!”

As a brand strategist and copywriter with over a decade of experience and some big-name brands under my belt, I live in the world of words. But lemme tell you, writing copy for an online audience is so not what you were taught in 11th grade English. (You were paying attention, right?)

Great copywriting is an art and a science that starts with research (like, a lotttt of research,) which informs your brand strategy and ends with knowing exactly what to write (this is the copy bit.)

I’ve written website copy for personal brands and small online businesses alike — and the pain points are on loop:

  • “I used to DIY everything but I just don’t have the time anymore! I’m ready to work on my business, not in it.”

  • “I have a laundry list of wants and needs — it’s so overwhelming and I just don’t know where to start.”

  • “I really struggle with writing. It’s not my zone of genius. I just want to stay in my lane!”

  • “I have this idea in my head of what my brand looks and sounds like, but when I try to explain it to people it’s a word salad.”

Sound familiar?