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You need a brand strategist to help you see the big picture and pinpoint the strategy that will propel your organization forward.

Do you feel the urge to change your website design every five minutes because it’s not quite right? Are you unsure how to market a new product or service? Maybe you have non-existent brand standards or you don’t know how to clearly say who you are and what you do. If you stumble over your words when trying to explain your value to your audience, you aren’t exactly sure who your audience is anymore, you have an inconsistent voice on social media or in sales and marketing materials or aren’t sure how to market the socially-conscious part of your business, then you need a Big Picture Brand Blueprint.


Your challenges include:

  • Fostering brand evangelists — getting them to subscribe, follow, and spread the word

  • Uninspired messaging and copywriting

  • Having a cohesive vibe across copy, design, and marketing platforms

  • Creating inspiring and impactful marketing campaigns

  • Lack of cohesion between siloed divisions or brands

  • Driving repeat purchases or donations

  • Internal adoption of your brand standards

  • Understanding the mechanics of branding, marketing, and PR



You want to:

✓ Create enduring relationships with your customers, prospects, and influencers

✓ Keep your audience’s attention

✓ Gain brand loyalty

✓ Sell more $$$

✓ Save more $$$

✓ Attract your ideal clients

✓ Set yourself apart from your competitors

✓ Bring focus to your business, priorities, and resources

✓ Motivate your employees to live and love your brand




So, where do you start?





We’ll perform a deep dive into your business goals, current branding, competitors, audience, and aspirations. After completing the Big Picture Brand Audit, I’ll combine external research and internal surveys to create your organization’s “State of the Union” report.


Next, we’ll kick off an on-site (or virtual) Brain Trust workshop with a group of your internally elected employee experts. We’ll begin by reviewing your brand audit, gaining consensus on where you are currently, and then we’ll spend the day workshopping the heights we’re aiming for next.

We’ll adjudicate values, mission, sales materials, employee handbooks, corporate social responsibility initiatives, social media content, copy guidelines, brand voice, brand story, company history and more to come to a resolve on The 5 Pillars of Your Brand. (More on this below.)

We’ll wrap up the day by establishing actionable initiatives your company will take moving forward.


After the on-site workshop, I’ll synthesize all our research and outcomes into your custom Big Picture Brand Blueprint. What’s more, I’ll lay out your Goals-Based Implementation Plan so your teams can carry the torch and start taking strides toward greater impact.



Once you know how you want people to perceive you — how you want to be represented as an expert and a leader — you’ll finally know how to talk about yourself and where.

  • Website Copy: You can screw up your entire brand perception if you don’t have the right copy or the right creative direction and imagery.

  • Social Media: You’ll know what to talk about on social, what imagery to post, and what tone to take.

  • Blogging Content: You’ll know what topics your audience wants to read about and what inspires them to take action.

  • Speaking Engagements: You’ll know what your audience wants to hear you talk about and what kind of storytelling inspires them to talk about you in return.

  • Marketing Campaigns: You’ll capitalize on the right elements of your business to create evocative campaigns that get attention. You’ll have an easier time identifying headlines, hashtags, slogans, and creative direction

  • Product Launches: You’ll be able to name products or new services and are crystal clear about how all arms of your brand work strategically together.

  • One Brand Identity To Rule Them All: No more irrelevant stock photos and meaningless icons. Ampersand, title case, oxford commas, headlines ending with a period or not? Which logo and which company description? Can I say it like this on Twitter? How do we address donors or clients? I thought we weren’t using the color orange anymore. Does anyone have a slide presentation template or letterhead?

  • Enhanced Audience Experience: Your audience will immediately recognize your brand. You will give them a reason to follow you, engage with you, and they are eager to tell others about your value and benefits, beyond the point-of-sale.  

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Starting at $3,000 for 4-week engagement


Want more?

You can add-on the following:


  • Copywriting: internal and/or external materials

  • Ongoing support through implementation

  • Facilitating employee communication/training

  • Ongoing content/marketing plans (headlines, themes, etc.)

  • Speaker assistance (pitching, topic(s), etc.)


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