Thinker Dos Donts

 Copy Turn-Ons as The Thinker:

  • You like a crystal clear 1-liner introducing *exactly* what the product or offer is — poetic or cutesy slogans are a major turnoff.

  • You live for the “marketing receipt” or the itemized list of features and deliverables you’ll walk away with.

  • A well-organized page matters. You’re reading top-to-bottom (returning to various sections multiple times) so a linear narrative that helps coach you down the page shortens your decision-making lead time.

  • The copy needs to connect the dots from The What to The Why to the So What? to The Proof and Fork-in-the-Road CTA.

  • You’re drawn to stats and qualitative “proof” or information but a testimonial that speaks to a very specific shared problem is also highly effective to you.

  • Testimonials need to match the sales claims on the page — when you’re learning about the emotional benefits of a product or service you want to see an emotional testimonial. When you’re weighing up ROI, you need to see a qualitative testimonial.