Thinker Description


You’re all about vibe and social proof.

As “The Thinker” you need to know every.single.detail about a product or service before making a commitment. You have perfectionist tendencies and live life with a healthy dose of skepticism. You tend to follow a very logical thought process, weighing the pros and cons of every situation before handing over your credit card details or reaching out for a consult. 

Your biggest fear is buyer’s remorse. It’s your worldview that it’s a business’ job to assuage any fears you may have and prove without a shadow of a doubt that their offer will lead to the results you desire. When it comes to the know/like/trust factor you are all about TRUST. You need to be assured that moving forward is the absolute right decision. 

Thinkers will read every word of a long-form sales page…and the FAQs…and the fine print, including the returns and privacy policy. You will even come back to a sales or services page several times before making your final decision. 

Scarcity tactics (“Only 2 left” or timed tripwire offers) will cause you to panic and walk away. When it comes to making a decision, you don’t like feeling rushed or pressured. You need plenty of time to consider all the facts before making a confident choice.