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Grab the Headline Hero

Hook and reel your reader in with 50 headline formulas + EXAMPLES crafted to magnetize eyeballs and move them down the page.

Sadly, the average website visitor only reads 20% of the content on your page—but they DO read your headlines.

Your website visitors are on a mission. The scanning and skimming behavior we’ve developed means your headlines have to pack a punch and give your reader context–FAST.

The Headline Hero helps you throw the skimmer a bone so they can quickly identify the information they need and make the subconscious decision to keep reading…

…And continue reading they will, because these headlines are snappy as heck.   


I mean, look at you, you’re still reading this paragraph. Well done, you!

Here’s the info you’re looking for:


  • 50 headline formulas + EXAMPLES for websites, courses, services, and digital products.

  • Headline Formulas Lab Worksheets

    • Accessible in Excel, Sheets, Google Docs, and Word

  • Goal Matching Headline Organization:

    • WYSIWYG (Wizzy Wig – A.K.A.- What You See Is What You Get)

    • Value Prop It Like It’s Hot

    • Swing Into Action

    • Make It Easy Like Sunday Morning

    • Pique Curiosity

    • Paint The Picture

    • Objection, Your Honor!

    • Obstacles, Schmobstacles

    • Question For You…

    • Social Proof Is Truth

    • The Rally Cry

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