Socializer Dos Donts

 Copy Turn-Ons as The Socializer:

  • You love a good brand story. How can you know if you can trust someone if you don’t know who they are or how they got here?

  • You’re drawn to a distinct brand voice. In your eyes, a blah personality equals a blah product with mediocre results.

  • You need to know that a product or service will elevate your own brand or business as a result.

  • You’re drawn to personal testimonials that can speak to an incredible experience or stellar customer service.

  • Imagery matters. You need to be shown, not just told. Brand photography that effectively illustrates a brand’s story or vibe is like your carrot on a string. Yes to dreamy typography and allllll the beautiful mockups. Like Ariel, you want to be part of that world.

  • You love diving into new endeavors, but you need to feel like you’ve developed a friendly rapport with a business or brand first.

  • You like feeling like you’re being personally guided through the sales process.

  • You’re drawn to logo banners and personal case studies that highlight a business’ social proof.