October 19-28th.

    WEEKS 1 & 2 (Mastermind: Nov 2)

    Deep dive into your brand strategy and research & prep like a copywriter.

    WEEK 3 (Mastermind: Nov 9)

    Write a high-performing services page using the Services Six framework.

    WEEK 4 (Mastermind: Nov 16)

    Write an About Page that adds fuel to your fire (and nurtures the sale.)

    WEEK 5 & 6 (Mastermind: Nov 30)

    *No mastermind meeting will be held during Thanksgiving week.

    Write a homepage that makes a killer first impression and compels your ideal client to take that next action.

    30-DAY CHECK-IN (Mastermind: Jan 11, 2023)

    Does the word ‘week’ look weird to you now? Week, wEEk, WeEk. Anyway…

  • I’ve got your reminders covered!

    Repeat after me: Friday – Wednesday – Friday

    All videos, guiding resources, and assignments will go out the Friday before the Wednesday masterminds so you have the weekend to work on your copy, and a few days to edit before receiving the next week’s tutorials.

    (I see you side hustlers and nap-time warriors. This scheduling is for you!)

  • The tutorials vary between 15-30 minutes of watch-time. The mastermind is one hour. Past cohort students reported between 2-4 hours of writing and editing time each week. Some pages will be shorter, some longer, and if you’re working off of existing copy, you may simply need to reorganize and edit what you’ve got. But GET THIS — once you’ve got your copy done and dusted you’re DONE! No more You can cross “write my copy” off your list and move on with your to-do list!

  • Welcome fellow ink-stained compadre! Yes, absolutely. This course will help you sharpen your online writing skills because writing for the web, and more specifically websites, is its own special skill set. And you’ll walk away with some ::chef’s kiss:: (if I do say so myself) templates to use with your own clients. A rising tide lifts all boats, my friend!

  • Cohort students come from near and far! (Australia, the UK, South Africa and the west coast of the U.S. so far!) All mastermind sessions will be recorded and the replay will be sent out for you to watch on your own. If you have a question you’d like to pose to the group you can ask me to flag it ahead of time, or you can simply email me directly and I’ll give you my thoughts on the mattter.

  • You can choose to pay one installment of $1,225 or four at $306! If the latter, you will be billed once monthly.

  • Ohhh, I’m intrigued! Underwater basket weaving? JK, but ABSOLUTELY! I once built an entire campaign about zombies. In my 13+ years I have never had two clients with the exact same business or audience. If you are writing for humans, I can help you. If you are writing for the undead, I can also help you. Game on, let’s do it!

  • While I can provide the weekly mastermind structure, 30-minute 1:1 coffee chats, guided instruction videos, professional editing by moi, and group support, I cannot physically reach through time and space to make sure you’re sitting down at your keyboard each week. That’s on you. But I do know this: when you invest a consequential amount of money into something, you’re more likely to see it through. And when I say this is a guided program, I mean it. You’ll hear from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because, like any good coach, I’m not one to sit on the sidelines. I think you’re a winner and I will do everything in my power to get you to the finish line. #hoorah