Relator Dos Donts

 Copy Turn-Ons as The Relator:

  • You need flexibility: payment plans, optional add-ons, or customizable features.

  • You remember call-out sections that make it clear a business feels — they understand your problems and know the way out.

  • You respond well to statements, rather than questions.

  • You prefer quality-of-life testimonials (Ex: “I was finally able to release myself from FOMO and build a business that matched my values.)

  • You’re drawn to case studies that paint the before-and-after picture and provide social proof.

  • Testimonials or proof of exceptional customer service are the key to calming your fears surrounding potential buyer’s remorse.

  • You’re drawn to messaging that speaks to how your decision will affect the people around you. (Your employees, partners, family…)

  • You’re drawn to images showing humans interacting or conveying emotion.

  • Not seeing a business owner’s face or a team photo is a major red flag and you’re unlikely to be able to put your trust in someone else’s expertise until you’re able to see who’s behind the operations.