My Story



Here’s the scoop!

The Backstory


A former ballerina, creative writing major and Italophile with a penchant for the romantic…

I’ve always lived in the creative-realm.

Even when I was building big-budget marketing campaigns for New York Times bestselling authors, I was the one tasked with coming up with outside-of-the-box brand campaigns. 

Fast forward almost a decade later, I found myself in the tech world sitting around a conference table trying to walk a cohort of designers, project managers, and senior members of our company through a rebrand and found myself absolutely stymied.

The copy was wrong, the design targeted the wrong audience, and honestly, I can’t even remember what our KPIs were. 

As I reflected on my past projects, I wondered why this rebrand in particular just wasn’t working. What was different this time?

Why were we having such a hard time figuring out how to position and talk about the valuable services we offered?

That’s when my brilliant project manager sighed to me privately, “we just don’t really stand for anything.”


We were putting the cart before the horse — we were talking about design, funnels, and marketing channels, when we didn’t really know who we were or where we were going!

We needed vision and purpose beyond, make another buck. We needed to lay the foundation for our brand first in order to articulate what we did and why we were the bomb dot com.

We needed to niche down our target audience (cuz trying to be everything to everyone leads to incredibly boring copy…) so we could map out our messaging for our target audience and really WOW them with our offerings. 

Lesson learned. And the seeds that would become Big Picture Branding were officially planted.