MEGA Q Flash Sale Description (Copy)

Struggling to define your audience and write your copy?

Seriously compelling copy starts by stepping into someone else’s shoes and figuring out the deeper issues motivating them to seek out your services.

Most website copy addresses the easy-to-describe problems floating on the surface. But anyone can speak to those.

(And everyone does.)

By going two levels deeper, you can write compelling messaging that gets at your audience’s core and speaks to their problems in a way that makes them realize that you get them like nobody else does.

Put into action, not only will you conquer your communications woes, but you’ll also start serving your audience in bigger and better ways by finally understanding where their needs perfectly match up with your skills.


  • Instant access to my 27-page digital download

  • Psychology-based prep-work prompts for getting inside your client’s heads

  • (3) Audience Persona Builder templates

  • (3) Audience Persona Solution templates

  • Pre-filled example templates with my personal annotations

  • Next step explainers for applying copy to your website and sales pages

  • Printable Client Messaging Summary Sheet


  • 7 Psychological Hacks For Exceptional Sales Messaging

  • 3 Ways To Generate Interest In Your Offer

  • 8 Easy And Free Ways To Eavesdrop On Your Audience To Uncover Their Problems

  • My Take On The #1 (NON-SALES-Y) Sales Copy Formula

  • How To Position And Differentiate Your Brand In One(ish) Paragraph

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Make writing copy and choosing your brand imagery easier with a mapped-out brand overview that feels intentional and easy for you (or your team) to follow.


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By signing up you promise to stop rewriting your website copy for the 100th time (and pinning 100 different logo styles) and let the brand strategy be your guide.