Which industries do you typically work with? +

My work is industry agnostic. I focus on business goals and work to craft the brand voice and identity necessary to achieve them. I’ve worked with everyone from tech to toys and books, nonprofit and for-profit, Fortune 500s to fortune hunters. I love startups and corporations who aspire to think like them. Whether you’re selling cloud technology or confidence, my job is to help shape the way you want your brand to be perceived so you’re an easy “yes” in the minds of your perfect customers.

Can I pay in installments? +

I require a 50% deposit before beginning any work. I will invoice for the remaining balance once the work has been completed. I’m not trying to be shrewd, but as a small business owners I just want to make sure I can feed my kids and remain friends at the end of the day!

What if I want more than five website pages? +

Look at you, you overachiever! I’m happy to work with you to customize your website. I typically begin with the Homepage, About, Services/Products, Blog, and Contact pages, but understand that every business is unique and you may have different needs. Contact me to inquire about pricing for more than five pages.

How do I know you’ll really get what my organization is all about? +

Purpose-driven businesses and organizations are extremely close to their causes. Authenticity is key and you never want to alienate your audience (or your employees!) by sounding sales-y, preachy, or phony.

I’m expert at rounding up your business elements and synthesizing everything into one cohesive brand blueprint. Performing the brand audit and collaborative strategy session, paired with the optional on-site Brain Trust Workshop guarantees an end result your entire organization can understand and embrace.

I have been described as the brand strategist you need on staff, but can’t commit to hiring full-time. Our goal over 4-weeks is to jumpstart your brand and give you all the tools you need to go-to-market. In order to do that, I’ll get down and dirty with the nitty gritty of your business.

When will I see my ROI? +

If a quick spike in your metrics is what you’re looking for, you can buy yourself some keyword ad placements or run a social media campaign. Short-term marketing tactics can be a fun way to make the needle jump, but it’s always temporary and requires constant attention (and money!)

If you’re looking to build a mature brand that will sustain your business long-term — a brand that inspires seriously big initiatives and gets seriously big results — you need to invest in your big picture.

Through a 4-week deep dive where we’ll get clear on your unique offerings, your messaging, your voice, your content, as well as everything you’re no. We’ll lay the foundation for how your business purposefully moves forward into the future.

Investing in your brand identity will make life easier for your employees, your sales team, and your marketing or communications teams.

A shared mission, communicated effectively, that inspires action is priceless.

Ready to begin?