Director Pitfalls


When writing from a Director’s point of view, you need to remember to cater to other people’s selling style and buying motivators. Here are your most common copywriting pitfalls:

1) Not speaking to the emotional benefits of working with you and the emotional costs of not doing business with you.

You’re likely to skip past the relationship-building part of your copywriting. Take the time to help your readers understand who you are, why you do what you do, and how you are able to serve your readers from a place of mutual understanding.

2) Not letting your personality shine through your copy.

People need to know, like, and trust you — work on the LIKE. Your About page or bio section on your sales pages are your opportunity to give your readers a peek behind the curtain and understand how your worldview and experiences have led you to a place where you know exactly how to help them accomplish their goals.

3) Requiring your readers to make an immediate decision.

Three out of four buyer types need time to process information and make an informed decision. You need to focus on nurturing your readers towards the sale. Fine-tune your email nurture sequence, host AMAs, or encourage people to email or chat with you to ensure your offer is the perfect fit for their needs (address this in your copy, too!) Most people will return to your sales or services page multiple times, so make sure your cart-open period is an appropriate length of time for people to engage with you and your marketing.

4) Assuming your expertise or a product’s value is obvious.

What seems obvious to you is not obvious to others. Love them or hate them, a longer sales or services page gives you the room to reiterate an offering’s value through various tactics. To keep the page dynamic and home in why you’re the bee’s knees:

  • Use BOTH quantitative and qualitative testimonials. Your readers need to see that you helped a client increase sales by 200% while another was able to reduce her work hours and spend Fridays with her kids.

  • Break things down and itemize your deliverables.

  • Reiterate how you will affect your readers business AND life goals.

  • Pair your copy with imagery and photography that includes faces and evokes how people are feeling in the moment.