Director Description


You’re all about where the quick-and-dirty details meet the ROI.

As “The Director” you’re a big picture thinker who is able to consume information quickly. You’re keen to make a decision and move on to the next. Depending on where you are in the sales funnel (awareness – consideration – decision – loyalty) you’re likely to make your decision while reading the top half of a sales or services page. You will skim the bottom half looking for headlines, bulleted sections, and testimonials that validate your decision. 

Goal-oriented and competitive, you’re looking for partners and solutions that will help you overcome a challenge with the least amount of resistance or the most certainty possible. Directors are categorically allergic to fluff — you home in on the features and benefits relevant to your goals that will guarantee the most ROI.

Bleeding-heart propositions or emotionally-charged language and testimonials can make a product or offering seem weak or not at your level. You prefer numbers-based (quantitative) testimonials, infographics, and price anchoring to convey complex information succinctly.