Brand Strategy Power Hour

Your brand strategy is not about doing all the things.

Let’s get strategic with your energy and discover where you should focus your efforts.


Admit it. You’ve definitely Googled, “what is a brand?

After working your way through the top ten search results you sat back from your keyboard and thought…so…what exactly am I supposed to do with this information? 

I get it. It’s frustrating. You want someone to just give you the answer, or a checklist of steps to start implementing. But here’s the thing…

A brand isn’t downloadable. It’s not something you can hack. There are no shortcuts. Some brands come to fruition seemingly overnight, and others take decades to build. Some ideas catch fire and others are a slow burn.

I could get scientific with you and dive into a discussion about psychology, neuro-marketing, sociology…or I could just tell you that branding is an art and a science and it is achievable.


Branding doesn’t have to be all the things. It has to be the right things.

So where should you start?



Hop on a Zoom video call and in 1-hour we’ll review your business and brand presence (online and offline.)

We’ll look at what you’re doing, what you’re not, and what you can leave in the metaphorical sandbox to play with on another day.  We’ll talk about the low-hanging fruit you’re walking right by, and the pie-in-the-sky-I-wanna-be-on-Oprah big-moment dreams you can start building toward, today.





Let’s chat if you want to…

  • Get clear on your big picture and business goals for the year

  • Review where you’re spending your time and money marketing your business 

  • Get coached on how to pitch yourself and generate more buzz!

  • Discuss how to fine-tune your copy and messaging so you’re attracting the right people

  • Audit your social media presence and content offerings

  • Audit your website and walk through your user experience

  • Share ideas for new and exciting lead magnets

  • Define and sharpen your brand personality

  • Learn how to develop a stronger (but always true-to-you) brand voice

  • Something completely different that needs some of that third-party perspective. (I love parties.)

In one hour, you’ll walk away with a targeted (and energy efficient) plan to start developing your brand.

You’ll finally have:

  • A 10,000-foot view of your business and where it’s going

  • Clarity around your brand story

  • An action plan for growing your audience and the channels to focus on

  • Permission to ditch, pause, or rethink the marketing tactics sucking up all your time (with little reward)

  • More money in the bank, not down the drain (a.k.a where should you be spending your hard-earned dinero?)

  • Confidence in your elevator pitch (good-bye imposter syndrome!)

  • Fix-me-now copywriting advice you can put into action immediately (no overhauls or rewrites necessary)

  •  Messaging points that really, truly speak to your audience 

  • Fresh content ideas to engage your audience, demonstrate your expertise and build brand loyalty

  • Directives to make your brand personality and voice resonate across all platforms 


A Power Hour is the perfect solution for you if:

  • You’re still in DIY-mode and happily wearing all the hats

  • You know you need to outsource some of your marketing but aren’t sure which parts

  • You’re ready for your business to look less home-grown

  • You’re trying to gain more exposure or build a community around your cause

  • You spent a million dollars on a new website but you’re not getting more traffic/bookings/clients

  • You’re ready to triple your revenue but have no idea where to begin

  • You’re doing all the things and barely have time to focus on, you know, your actual job

  • You googled “what is a brand?”


Your brand strategy is your business strategy.

Take one hour to refocus your energy and figure out where you should be spending your time and marketing efforts.

Price: $97