Copywriting Work Sessions (ARCHIVE)

Can’t spend thousands of dollars on a full-service copywriter?

I get it. you’re not going to be able to hire a fancy-pants copywriter every time you need something.

Let’s fill your toolbox with everything you’ll need to DIY, on the fly.

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur and cash-strapped creative, there are few realities more limiting than tight purse-strings. The Copywriting Work Sessions package will elevate your copywriting skills (whether you’re a novice or nervous practitioner) and still leave room in your budget to pay the bills. Think of me as your copywriting Fairy God-Editor-Meets-Marketing-Guru.

Together, we’ll look at up to three (3) of your website pages and outline exactly what you need to write to attract your ideal audience and bring your purpose-driven business into focus.


Here’s how the Copywriting Work Sessions magic happens:



We’ll sit down (virtually or in-person) and diagnose up to three (3) pages of your website, focusing on three main areas: Message, Organization, and Copy Choices. (45-min session)



Based on your needs, I’ll prescribe and send you my recommended templates and tools so you can get to work and get to writing.



We’ll schedule a follow-up session a few weeks later to review your progress and live-edit together! (45-min session)


Hot Copy Tip #784

Design seduces, but copy sells.



In our first session we’ll knock out:

  • If you’re speaking to the right audience

  • If you’re being crystal clear about your product/service/story

  • How to organize your information (or re-organize it!)

  • How to differentiate yourself by talking about your purpose (authentically, without the ick-factor.)

  • If you’re presenting a cohesive *brand* (rather than selling yourself as a commodity.)

  • How to weave SEO best-practices into your copy (while still sounding human!)

  • How to get over get over writer’s block (and just write the damn thing!)

Plus, you’ll build a copywriting arsenal that will serve you long into the future.

  • Learn how to build a copy bank that you can pull from again and again.

  • Gain access to my resources and template library so that getting started is as easy as filling in the blanks!

    • Website Essentials Checklist

    • Page Builder Blueprint

    • Brand Personality Workbook

    • 5-Second Elevator Pitch Tool

    • “About Me” bio builder

    • SEO Copy Best Practices Guide

    • Plus more!




When I started working with Courtney, I was struggling to figure out the logical organization of information on my website. After one session, I had the confidence to move forward on my own — and I wasn’t as afraid to make the changes I envisioned. I felt like my website was “done” but she helped me make tweaks and improvements that made it more my own and that I was excited for clients and the world to see.
— Cindy Scibetta-Butts, Founder of Grow with Strengths




Imagine being given all the tools and confidence to finally tackle your website’s copy, PLUS a wise and experienced editor (with over a decade of marketing experience) to keep you on track.

What you get:

Copy of brand-story-copy-deliverables.png


Investing in the skills to write your own compelling copy that motivates your visitors to act is one of the smartest long-term investments you can make for your business.

Get the tools, coaching, and confidence in knowing that your copy can convey your message authentically, and still gain bookings, signups, add-to-carts, and an engaged audience!



(Take a look in the mirror because that copywriting maven can be you, my friend!)

for hourly/project rates, contact me.


I feel like I can more clearly express myself and what I do. I’m more focused on who I work with now, which makes marketing and approaching the right clients easier.

— Julia Gutgsell, Founder of Yellow Wood Coaching, UK